All Fenders Set of Pair LH & RH Side at only $299.99

SK Punisher Gas Cap Logo

All 3D printed Caps are sold with the Gas Cap Assembly Kit.
We are no longer attaching the caps to the assembly due to customer demands. This will allow our customers to change their designs without having to purchase the entire assembly again.


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From time of purchase approximate delivery will be 4-6 weeks. We can accommodate custom design orders as well as for different sizes of gas caps. For that please email us at for details or call us
  • 3D Gas Cap Badge
  • Gas Cap Assembly Kit
  • Glue Kit for attaching

All 3D Gas Caps are 3d Printed one at a time. Each is made out of a Green ECO Friendly plastic. Gas Caps are covered in a “Bed Liner” type spray.
Every Cap is handmade in the USA, not in a factory but in our office. No mass production and each take about 2 hours to print plus paint. When you order one of our custom designs, rest assure that you have a one-off custom logo for your vehicle.
Below is an example of a 3D print right off the printer with no coating or post processing.

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