DS18 HYDRO NXL-X8TP/BK 8″ Marine Water Resistant Wakeboard Tower Speakers with Integrated RGB LED Lights 375 Watts – Black


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New redesigned tower speaker to handle more vibration, abuse, and be overall louder. These models have a new and redesigned clamping system that is much stronger overall than the previous model and has been heavily enforced. We have also added a passive woofer radiator for even more volume and produce more bass. Also included are brightly led lights on the speaker, rings, and passive woofer radiator to brightly light up the night.


  • Very loud two way waterproof 8 inch speaker for clear loud sound in the elements.
  • Redesigned clamping system and support for even more protection against vibration and off-road use.
  • Integrated RGB system that shines any color you want so you can perfectly match your theme and with the use of out LED BTC can control many more illumination options from your phone.