Darth Vader 3D Logo Badges

a pair (set of 2)

Coated in a rubberized material to simulate powder coating.

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We can accommodate custom design orders as well as for different sizes of gas caps. For that please email us at info@skullkrushers.com for details or call us

All 3D Badges are 3d Printed one at a time. Each is made out of a Green ECO Friendly plastic. Badges are usually covered in Plasti-Dip.
Every Badge is handmade in the USA, not in a factory but in our office. No mass production and each take about 2 hours to print plus paint. When you order one of our custom designs, rest assure that you have a one-off custom logo for your vehicle.
Below is an example of a 3D print right off the printer with no coating or post processing.

  • 3D Gas Cap Badge
  • Glue Kit for attaching